"I've been to some bad, bad places. Taken gifts of the darkest shrines. I've seen despair in the saddest faces as well, be lucky that you've not experienced this, young ones." 
   —Nullhiles, about his past life

Nullhiles, also known as Darth Nullhiles and born under the name Sirieth Chatos, was a Dark Lord of the Sith and former Jedi Councilor born sometime during the Hundred Year Darkness. Millennia later, he became a Jedi after being redeemed by Sarah Sibria, joining the New Jedi Order and wielding the Nebula Forcesaber as a reward.

his father's identity was up for debate. All he knew was that his father was a Dark Lord of the Sith, and a bloody powerful one. He learned of his identity, but his father was long, long dead. His mother gave him the ability to possess opponents, and become practically immortal. His mother was surprisingly kind as a Sith, being less harsh and more unorthodox. He learned of talent quickly, but noticed how violent the interrogations were, and how much hate was spread in the order. Once, he almost became a Jedi, but this did not work, as his master had punished him, to the point where his master removed his tongue. He lived a bad life at this point, and rebelled against his master, winning. He became a Sith Lord not long after. He heard news of his mothers loss, and vowed to find her. He had taken many apprentices, not enough to be an overseer though. His apprentices did not enjoy his tyrannical training. One tried to rebel, but died. He had still looked for his mother, but to no avail, in his free time. At some point, Nullhiles has gotten into conflict with the Jedi Sentinel Sarah Sibria. After fighting Sarah, he was offered to become a Jedi. He hesitated, but ultimately, after seeing what he has become, he relented and accepted. He had never found his mother, and still searches to this day.


When he became a Jedi, He has been known to not follow the code, but be a 'savior' at the time. He grows to dislike unnecessary death, and wishes to help whomever is able. He is often seen as cold, acting such in front of the republic, prisoners, and many others. When with people he trusts, he acts either friendly, or if needed, insensitive. He can, sometimes, be blinded and act in strange ways, such as throw credits at a human clothing store guy, and taking the clothes, then claiming to be a darth in front of the police.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Null was known to have an ability called 'Force Trance' where he could show no pain, despite feeling it. He had a 'Force Bind' where he could possess another body, and bind the soul to his old mask. He was known to know some alchemy, as far as going to breaking a chunk of a planet with a miscast.

He had proven multiple times that he is a skilled duelist, even rivaling Revan in power. He was known to be very smart and tactical, but it was hidden by his lust for power. He was quick, seemingly always in a swift, but not really. His full force power has been unseen, but he claims it would not be good if he used it. He used a chunk of his power during a fight,and caused a crisis. His Force power is similar to Exar Kun.